Automated Dispensing

Mulberry LTC Pharmacy, LLC uses TCGRx Pharmacy Workflow Solutions as an option to reduce errors and simplify administration time.  The clearly labeled packaging makes it easy to identify and accurately administer medication against the Medication Administration Record (MAR).  Our easy-to-read labeling is flexible and allows the font to be as large or small as you need it.  And the packaging contains all necessary information about the patient and the medication.

Barcodes serve as yet another compliance checkpoint.  Scanning identifies the patient and package to ensure accurate medication delivery – and maximum patient safety.  In addition, the back of the package is transparent, making it easy to visually check medication.  Packages are kept intact until medication is dispensed so prescription information is available all the way to the bedside.

Our packaging optimizes the physical space needed to keep ample supplies of medication on hand.  Because of this, Mulberry LTC Pharmacy, LLC can be more organized, use space more effectively, and audit inventory more efficiently.  Both unit dose and multi-med package strips can be laid out in a continuous strip next to the MAR, with a transparent back that makes checking even easier.  Only the medications for the present med pass are pulled so it is not necessary to return or rotate medications.  Adherence packaging eliminates the problems caused by using blister cards.  The transition can be very seamless as pouches fit into most existing med carts.  Additionally, cart companies today make a wide variety of pouch packaging drawer kits that make cart conversions easy.

For families, a weekend with their loved ones can be a happy experience.  But for the staff, it means additional work to prepare their medications. Mulberry LTC Pharmacy, LLC’s TCGRX packaging makes it simple to separate a few days of medications for those short trips – no need to send handfuls of blister cards.  Plus, there is less confusion for your patient, because they’ll receive the same medication packet as they would in your facility.  And the easy-to-read labeling lets family members know exactly when their loved ones need their medication.